• The State of Illinois Supreme Court ruled on the case regarding State Retiree Health Insurance, Kanerva vs. Weems, UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
    • IRTA applauds the Illinois Supreme Court's ruling today in Kanerva v. Weems. The Illinois Supreme Court has adopted a broad interpretation of the Pension Protection Clause that fully supports the interpretation advanced in Heaton v. Quinn.
    • The Illinois Supreme Court has held yet again that, under the Pension Protection Clause of the Illinois Constitution, pension benefits shall not be diminished or impaired. This is entirely consistent with Illinois Supreme Court precedent dating back several decades. We believe that the Illinois Supreme Court's consistent enforcement of the Pension Protection Clause merits serious attention from our political leaders.
    • In Kanerva, the Court reaffirmed that "it is clear that if something qualifies as a benefit of the enforceable contractual relationship resulting from membership in one of the State's pension or retirement systems, it cannot be diminished or impaired."
    IRTA will continue to keep our members updated in the coming months. (July 3, 2014)
  • On June 26th, our lawyers appeared in court for a continued case management hearing in our case. Overall our lawyers thought the hearing went very well. The lawyers will be working to draft a case management order that sets out deadlines for further actions in the case, but these are the highlights of the court's rulings.

    First, the Court granted the plaintiffs' joint motion to withdraw their class allegations. The judge said the motion was "wise" and would streamline the case, and he thanked us for taking that step. He also made clear that the motion was granted without prejudice, which means that if in the future we needed to certify a class, we could ask for leave to re-allege our class allegations and could do so.

    Second, the Court and even the State agreed that the State's original witness disclosures were inadequate and did not disclose sufficient information. The Court has therefore ordered the State to supplement its witness disclosures by July 29, 2014.

    Third, while our lawyers argued forcefully that the Court should rule on our joint motion for partial summary judgment under the Pension Protection Clause before requiring fact or expert witness discovery on the State's affirmative defense, the Court has decided, consistent with his prior comments, to defer ruling on our motion and to allow the State to develop a factual record on its defense. The Court has therefore set a schedule for expert witness disclosures and reports on both sides. That schedule will take us into the Fall before we are likely to receive any ruling on our motion.

    Next week our lawyers will be discussing internally and with the lawyers from the other plaintiff groups the strategy for moving forward in the case, including how best to respond to the State's proposed defense, and how best to do so efficiently.
    (June 27, 2014)
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  • One-Bring-One Membership Drive!!!
    The IRTA Membership Committee has initiated a membership drive which will end on December 31, 2015—our goal is to have 40,000+ members!! It’s an easy process: each member needs to bring a new member into IRTA!!! We have over 35,000 members today, so if we each brought ONE, we could have 70,000 members (wow!). Our goal is definitely attainable. Your local membership chairs have received ideas for local chapters to implement the drive. A list of reasons to join was also sent to membership chairs for members to use when talking with prospective members. This is NOT a staff/officer activity…it is a membership activity...so let’s all join together and ONE-BRING-ONE!!! Have you found your ONE yet??
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  • Illinois Retired Teachers Association presents… Reflections of Italy
    October 20 – 29, 2014
    Travel with Bob Pinkerton
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  • Teachers Retirement Insurance Program Benefits Choice Period
    The annual Benefits Choice Period for the Teachers Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP) will be May 1 through June 2, 2014. Detailed TRIP information booklets were mailed by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services in April. For more information on the Benefits Choice Period, please click here.
  • IRTA RECEIVES LEGAL OPINION - The Illinois Retired Teachers Association believes that General Assembly members should vote no on pension impairments as they have been presented ... (for the full story log in and go to Government Relations - News Responses).

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