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IRTA Political Action Committee

The IRTA Political Action Committee (IRTAPAC) is a voluntary not-for-profit, unincorporated association established in the State of Illinois. IRTAPAC is organized to protect, preserve and improve benefits for individuals receiving a pension from the Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System. IRTAPAC funds are used to support candidates for political office. These candidates support IRTA members and the issues important to you. Contributions to IRTAPAC will be used to enhance political awareness of IRTA members and increase their contacts with elected officials and candidates.

  • IRTAPAC is the political advocacy arm for you, your pension and your healthcare benefits. Together, we form the foundation upon which IRTA member-retirees build relationships.
  • IRTAPAC exists to elect, educate and build rapport with legislators and officials who understand the important role pensions and healthcare benefits are to our retired public state educators.
  • IRTAPAC provides campaign financing to officeholders and candidates who are concerned about and committed to fulfilling all promised benefits.
  • IRTAPAC board members determine which candidates to support based on qualifications, knowledge, sensitivity and responsiveness to retired educator issues.


What is a Political Action Committee?

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is a transparent, legal, and federally monitored way for associations like IRTA to engage in the political process. IRTAPAC is our voice in Springfield through political contributions. IRTAPAC is here for you and for retirement, to ensure that our elected leaders make full pension and healthcare funding a priority and an important part of our state’s fiscal policy.

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Your Voice Is Key To Better Retirement Protection.

Supporting IRTAPAC helps ensure retired educators have a strong voice when decisions are made that impact the promised pension and healthcare benefits. IRTAPAC works to ensure elected officials making these important decisions understand that fundamental promises made need to be kept.  

Your contribution sends a message to policymakers that the retired educator community is united, and provides an opportunity to positively impact the election of candidates who recognize and support the duty of government to fully fund pensions and healthcare benefits.

PAC Accomplishments

With your help, IRTA successfully supported the passage of the following actions during the 2018 Illinois State Legislative session: 

Your hard work showed politicians that retired educators really are concerned about the actions of their lawmakers, and your contributions helped elect many supporters of retirees throughout the State of Illinois.

Benefits of joining IRTAPAC:

In addition to helping create a united voice for educator retirees, IRTAPAC offers many other valuable benefits. IRTAPAC members receive:

  • Exclusive invitations to special IRTAPAC receptions and other events.
  • Timely information about candidates, elected officials and important pension and health care issues.
  • Recognition and appreciation for your support from the retiree community.
  • Chance to be part of the top tier of retiree leaders committed to a government that keeps its promises to its civil servants.
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